Thanks to its unique evaluation model, OpenEconomics created an advanced digital platform dedicated to the economic analysis of football players and teams.
The platform also allows additional analysis based on economic evaluations techniques.


All the evaluations reported on PlayRatings’ platform don’t reflect expert or other personal opinions, but are completely generated by a computational algorithm based on an advanced proprietary economic model. Due to this structure, the estimates are not affected by memory gap, wishful thinking or any other bias. OpenEconomics doesn’t aim to make pricing forecasts but to support the decisions of teams and professionals involved in the football market and provides football fans and other football stakeholders with neutral, objective, balanced, complete and updated evaluation tools and economic information on players and teams.


OpenEconomics is an independent private-owned company certified as compliant to the requirements UNIEN ISO 9001:2008 for activities and processes of research, development and application of economic, mathematic and environmental models for the economic evaluation of investment politics, programs and projects.


All the evaluations are updated at least every week.


PlayRatings is the only digital platform enabled to utilize the OpenEconomics’ proprietary model for football economic analysis.


On PlayRatings are available, free of charge, multiple interactive tools for economic analysis. Our users can simulate price scenarios and market policies.


PlayRatings currently covers more than 144,000 players playing in 6,000 teams over 200 leagues in 80 countries. In a few months, the platform will also be open to non-professional players.


PlayRatings update every week more than 6 million of economic estimations. Additional big data analysis are based on a DB currently containing more than 1.7 billion data items over a three years period.